3 October 2018

Averaigne royal family

Every kingdom has a royal family. In the case of my campaign setting of Averaigne, it's a fairly young kingdom but they are still on their eleventh king in the 250 or so years since the joining of the crowns.

Perhaps not that easy to read, but I now have nine generations of the direct line of Averaignian royalty safely included in my Family Echo account. There's death in childbirth, infertility, plague, a shipwreck, a loyal uncle during a minority regency, and a rebellion so far. I need to squeeze in at least one death in battle or jousting accident, and develop a bloodline that will have a reasonable claim on the throne to spice things up, but otherwise I'm pretty happy with having fleshed it out thus far.

Amazing what can be achieved while a bunch of fifteen year olds are doing a test!

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