Wants list

Every gamer has particular models they want to own. For lovers of a previous generation of miniatures, the obstacles to acquisition are not just cost but also scarcity - they ain't being made any more! Here are the miniatures I particularly want to get hold of. Not in a "I must have them at any price" way, but in an "if you want to sell at a reasonable price, or trade them for things from my Sale/Trade page" way.

I'll doubtless be expanding this list when I see painted figures from around the blogosphere!

  • C31 Hill Troll (Kev Adams)

  • Orc Boar Riders from the 1988 Citadel Catalogue (Kev Adams)

  • 1980s Chaos warriors, thugs, beastmen (unaligned or with Tzeentch symbols) - There were loads of these, and I have several intact, and a few broken. I'm always interested in expanding my collection, though, so show me what you've got! Particularly more bestial or unusual beastmen and Tzeentch disc-riders or minor demons (flamers and horrors)


  1. I have a couple of early 80s beastmen from the C38 series if you are interested

    1. Sounds intriguing! Any pictures or Stuff of Legends links?

    2. I've tried to add you on Google+ if that's more straightforward (I'm Stephen)