11 May 2009

BB Skaven

I got home early from work tonight (it was too windy for the kids to do any archery, so I cancelled the club shoot), and knocked up a crude light tent out by cutting windows into a cardboard box and covering the holes with tissue paper. Here are the pictures of my initially victorious, but now a little battered, skaven team; the Cheesemongering Vermin...

Score marker, Apothecary, Turn marker, Reroll counters

Linerats (aka, cannon fodder)

The Gutter Runners - super speedy scoring machines

Thrower, Rat Ogre, Blitzers

I don't like the way I've done the bases (I painted these about four years ago when I was just getting back into gaming after a long hiatus), and may at some point strip and repaint them all. I do love these models and think I could do the sculpting much more justice now.

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