1 June 2009

Da London Eye

Yay for me - I finished a project! With a mere 15 minutes before I had to set off for the BBGT, the varnish on Mike's team was dry and I could pack them up to hand them over. He seemed pleased with them (and promptly played them against Malc, leading them to a crushing victory), and I was satisfied with the result.

Rush job photos, but they're gone now, so this is the best you're gonna get:



black orc blockers


troll and goblins

Team photo

I promise you that the red has more subtlety than it appears in the pictures.


  1. Love the colours - a real sporting strip appearance which I like

    Now following your blog!

  2. Cheers Paul. Mike used them at the recent NAF cup and left undefeated, iirc.