24 January 2010

State of play (ing with toy soldiers)

Before I get stuck in, I thought I'd give you a quick tour of the workbench as it is now, and please forgive the hurried snaps.

First up, the boss of my Outlaws for Legends of the Old West (just finished, I thought, but I've obviously missed putting a wash on that bit on his right sleeve):

Next, the rest of the boys, in various states of preparation:

There's also another shop, or rather three which I'm doing in one go to speed me along:

On a completely unrelated note, the gang are getting back into another fantasy football game, Elfball from the rather fabulous Impact miniatures. This is my ancient Eqyptian themed team in progress:

And finally, I couldn't resist putting together the first of the 135 (!) mostly plastic Napoleonic figures that Ma and Pa got me for Christmas. I shall paint them with the nice new brushes that sister number one got me. They've finally given in and decided that geeking stuff is a valid present :)


  1. I notice that your buildings have interiors. Far more industrious than mine were. It's good to see you back in the saddle, and I hope to see Impetus updates again someday ;)

  2. Those interiors are there purely for structural rigidity! Once the roofs are on they'll be one-piece as yours are. Don't worry, I've not given up on Impetus, but as you've said in your posts it's easier to be inspired when you've got a project partner.

    See, if you lived closer than across the pond, I might even get to swing by and have a game of Impetus with you!