28 February 2010

Land Office open for business

Whoopee! I got my first building for Thorncreek finished today.

I'd been dithering (how unlike me!) over how to paint the wood, and had done two rather labour intensive (multiple layers and washes) test pieces which I was fairly pleased with, but knew would be mind-numbing for a whole building or town:

So when I was out yesterday picking up some Master's Brush Cleaner (very highly recommended for bringing even nasty old splayed brushes back to life, btw) from the art shop in town, I also picked up two pots of craft paint (Chocolate and Coffee - I guess I was getting peckish!):

Some heavy drybrushing (more like wetbrushing, really) later, and taadaa! A finished building:

The Thorncreek Patrol, ever vigilant...

Quick and dirty pictures, as usual, but it keeps the impetus of blogging going and boosts my feeling of accomplishment if I post straight away I finish something. All the usual excuses about flash washing out layers, funny business from Photoshop when auto-levelling the contrast, but I'm pretty chuffed with how this turned out. The best bit is, the most time-consuming part of painting it was the couple of layers of blue on the windows!

Hope you like it,


  1. Good spot with Anita's Acrylics

    You get a lot more for your pot

    They certainly are good for large areas and with their range of colours are a useful sub-in for the more expensive paints on miniatures

  2. I'm sorry I missed this earlier; great work on the building. I like the look of it a lot. Dean

  3. Thanks Dean - I'm keeping a close eye on your Sharp Practice painting. As soon as I get a playable amount of LotOW scenery together, that will be my next project (I have three boxes of plastic Victrix/Perry stashed under my desk!).