13 June 2011

Gaming with #1 Son

Well, I finally did it - #1 Son and I had our first 'geek game' last night, and repeated it this evening. He's a mean dice-roller, far luckier than I am; I may have to take him with me to roll my dice on future geek-days!

I've made some custom dice with either swords or shields on them (to help with his numeracy, you understand - he has to count up the totals and we're working on subtracting). I placed the two knights in May's posts toe-to-toe in the middle of a large dungeon room tile and we both rolled attack and defence dice, the loser being pushed back the resultant number of spaces. You won the 'tournament' if you pushed the other fellow to the back wall. He loved it, and forewent a story tonight to play again, but this time with his knights that go with his huge wooden castle:

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