15 May 2012

Follower Guest Spot #1

Now that I've reached the heady heights of TWENTY-TWO followers, I thought I'd repay the favour and regularly intermittently link back to posts of theirs which I enjoy. The criteria for selection are entirely whimsical; perhaps because it matches a current project of mine, is utterly different, good fun, inspirational, has some eye-candy, who knows?!

Anyway, Guest Spot #1 goes to Christopher (AKA Axebreaker) for his rather lovely Victorian adventuress. Why don't you pop over and check it out? I reckon she'd comfortably face down a horde of Lost World neanderthalls and then head over to the Simmond-Wrights' campfire for a spot of afternoon tea and some piano recitals.

Link to Christopher's post -> click here

Happy geeking,


  1. Thank you for displaying my figures and an interesting category to feature to have on your blog. Very nice blog you have btw.


  2. Thanks! Like I said, I really like her and felt it was a fitting inauguration of the Guest Spot.