21 July 2012

A yearning for oddly shaped dice

Look at these dice; aren't they lovely? Don't they whisper to you of deeds to be done, evil to be defeated, and glory to be won? Of dragons? Perhaps to be found in dungeons?

Gripped by nostalgia, I popped up into the loft to retrieve my 'red box' basic Dungeons and Dragons set . As well as some of the above dice, it also had an introductory adventure module that I got as a get-well present from my parents (thanks, Mum and Dad) when I had my tonsils out, aged about ten, complete with the pencil marks left by my younger self. I always had to be Dungeon Master because I was the eldest, it was my game, and my siblings and friends of the time "wouldn't have done it properly". I'm still a bit of a control freak today :/

Suddenly, having volubly mocked roleplayers for years as being the sorts who can't separate reality from fantasy, I want to do it all again. I want to roll up a dwarf adventurer, or human cleric and get stuck in, in true 0e style; I've even downloaded two of the apparently best retro-clones. Properly old school, I'd love to play with a DM who runs it smoothly, puts some life into it, and always leaves open the possibility of a total party kill if the players do something stupid.

So, my (online) name is Rab, and I want to roll funny-shaped dice.


  1. I too want to roll funny shaped dice...and having never, ever played Dungeons and Dragons (remarkably: I don't know how), I would be keen to do so. Only 1 month until thesis submission!

    1. Sweeeeeeeeeet!

      (Did I really never talk you into playing when we were kids?)

  2. As someone who loves roleplay games, I'm up for joining in or even running a game.

    I have a number of options, but would suggest Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay maybe an idea. The system is quite good and reasonably simple to pick up, plus the world is well known to us.

  3. '...the sorts who can't separate reality from fantasy'

    Hey, you just described me perfectly!