22 January 2013

Dungeons and Dragons PDFs available once more

Thanks to a heads up from Bat in the Attic games I'm now the proud owner of a free copy of the .pdf of B1, In Search of the Unknown basic Dungeons and Dragons from http://www.dndclassics.com/, the newest venture from RPGDriveThru.

They are rather marvellously making all the original D&D adventures available again. Happy news for any committed old-schoolers, nostalgics, or dungeon masters on the look out for a new (old?) source of inspiration.

Happy geeking,


  1. Will have to take a peek! Am hoping to start a LL campaign this year and picked up the facsimile Monster Manual WotC put out and am really liking the vibe.

  2. Enjoy, Gareth! Can't go wrong with a bit of classic dungeoneering, especially when it's free!