15 July 2013

Welcome to my underground lair

In between cursing my internet connection for not coping with streaming the first Ashes test (a win, hurrah, but they do need to sort the third umpire stuff out), I cleared out our cellar. Now, we've only been in since the start of April and the first thing I did when we moved in was to lay some laminate flooring over the newly installed waterproof floor treatment... and then promptly filled it with boxes, a sawhorse and tins of paint. Upstairs is now officially done so it was time to tackle the pit. My reward was to claim a corner for my geeking :)

Um, it's our cellar, but part of it is ALL MINE!!!!

Look - paints, partly painted miniatures, and not one but TWO lamps. The old coal shute that the window 'looks out' into will be getting a transparent lid at some point soon giving me more natural light - these photos were taken at about 11pm

Polystyrene packaging repurposed as a display shelf
My new lovely buildings from pmc games - don't fret, the staining on the wall is residue from the damproofing, not imminent destruction of my books and stuff from water coming in. I hope.

When I was clearing up I found we've ended up with loads of boxfiles, so I was inspired to make something - a backdrop thing for taking photos of miniatures and scenery from a box file, some card and an offcut from a GW grass mat.

Stay tuned, fellow geekers,



  1. An exemplary 'geek cave'! Looks like there's plenty of room for a decent-sized gaming table, too.

    1. My first casual mention of a table in the empty space I'd just created was not met with enthusiasm - I shall regroup and launch a new offensive with careful mention of the "temporary" or "fold-away" nature of the, as yet, hypothetical table. Baby steps, Gareth, baby steps!

    2. I saw these on a random blog the other day:


      Four of those and couple of sheets of mdf and you're away! It has 'temporary' written all over it.

    3. Genius! Good spot, Gareth.