15 October 2013

Autumn cleaning

Stuck at home with a rotten bug and unable to face the pile of marking that is glaring at me reproachfully from the corner of the room, I'm doing really important things like changing the layout of this blog. Useful, eh?

Actually, blogger seems to have been really struggling to keep me logged in on the previous dynamic template which meant that I'd have to refresh the page half a dozen times before all the tabs and links, even comments, were available. So I've gone for a classic, clean template. Sort of Oldblogger, if you like.

Speaking of classic, have you seen this vile thing yet? It's a demon of Malal - the fifth chaos power that GW never got around to producing, but did have some preliminary fluff for. The model is available from CP models as a Hook Horror.

At a mere four quid, I think that's a pretty good deal. Between the info from the linked article above, and the "make your own demon" section in the Realm of Chaos books, I reckon anyone who wanted to could stat that up for gaming pretty quickly.


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