4 December 2014

Stuff from the interwebz #5 - CP Models

One of the more interesting, and frankly unexpected, outcomes from the resurgence of interest in scenario-based fantasy and sci-fi gaming with an 80s aesthetic (i.e. Oldhammer) is that not only are old molds having the dust knocked off them but new models in a sympathetic style are being sculpted.

The latest lot to catch my eye are these horrible little gribblies from CP Models:

The one on the right has a hidden characteristic from the front - he has two faces!

Cool, eh?

When I went over to their site I also came across a set of Rogue Trader-suitable alien fellows that were part of a failed Indiegogo a while ago and I had thought had vanished into the ether. There's a mixed crew of "Federation Aliens", which are fun, but I especially like the Loor. I can see them as bounty hunters or trackers of some kind. Oh, and they have the Avians as well, which I'd forgotten about.

Beauties, eh? And painted by Oldhammer's very own cheetor. Inspirational!

So, go buy stuff from CP Models. I have a feeling that, if Santa brings me cash, some of it will go their way!



  1. Nice figures - those painted up "birds" are fantastic!

    1. Yeah, Paul Shorten (cheetor) is a top notch painter as well as a very nice chap.

  2. Wow, lovely minis, I think I'll go check them out!

    1. The first batches of CP's figures didn't do it for me at all (nothing wrong with them, just not to my taste) and so they rather dropped off my radar - now they're back with a bang! I also noticed they have some nice swarm bases which would be perfect for populating dungeons...