31 March 2016

[KQ] The caverns of calamity! (Part 2)

Last time we left our heroes deep under the Dragon's Tail mountains, battling their way through the assorted goblinoid gangs and stranger beasts that had made their homes in...


Our soundtrack for this session was a mix of the hilarious EPICNESS
of Gloryhammer, and the more atmospheric strains of the Myst 3 incidental tracks

Pressing on, our heroes rounded a sharp corner in the twisting caverns and came stumbling into a rough underground hall, almost a throne-room. A throne-room complete with its king (a vast minotaur) and hearthguard (more of the man-beast hybrids) who hurled themselves on the intruders in fury!

[Oddly, the pillars in the throneroom looked like nothing more than gigantic paint pots. How strange...]

It was something of a bottleneck in the entrance, a fact which the adventurers used to their advantage - it cancelled out the numerical superiority of their foes.

A superiority which was eventually whittled away, costing the party splintered shields and some serious wounds.

Bloodied and exhausted, but unbowed, the knights had only the minotaur to face. Soon they discovered why he was the lord - not merely his size, but also a fiery breath like that of a small dragon!

Realising that if they stayed beyond sword's reach they would never defeat the beast, the two knights charged in to test their mettle against his claws and bite...

...and ultimately, with assistance from a blast of magical flame from the wizard, the heroes triumphed!

Danger overcome, they hurried on and out, blinking, into the sunshine.

They had survived the Caverns of Calamityyyyyyyy, but would they retrieve the goblet from the Grey Lady in time to save their stricken comrade?

Tune in next time, Quest-fans, for more derring-do!