8 September 2016

Catacombs teaser

Whatwhatwhat?! This looks dangerously like a new project...

Sprues from Fireforge and Conquest Games (bought from 2nd City Games at a very reasonable price per sprue):

Turns out they fit together quite nicely, at least with blutac:

The list of board pieces from 3rd edition Space Hulk:

And finally some fiddling around with Inked Adventure dungeon tiles in photoshop to match said list:

Goodness, it's almost as though someone really enjoyed the mechanics of Space Hulk with their kids but then decided to spend an evening completely reskinning it for medieval fantasy, giving it the name Catacombs, inventing some nifty rules for lighting underground that don't require any book-keeping, and is now finishing off the last bits needed to make that game a reality.

Who would do a thing like that, eh?


  1. A mad man?

    Should be interesting to watch your descent. ;)

    (and lighting mechanics are always interesting!)

    1. Ah, busted! Don't worry, I'll be sharing my downward spiral with you all whether you like it or not.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks - I always wondered why there wasn't a straight fantasy port of this game and could only think that they didn't want to dilute the HQ/AHQ market.

  3. Hmm a fantasy reskinning of Space Hulk, sounds interesting, please do keep us updated.