14 November 2016

Deadcember is coming

"Deadcember" by Zhu Bajie. And it's all mine mwahaahahah!

Yes, ghouls and boys, we're nearly at that special time of year again when we concentrate our model-painting efforts on the undead. Last year there were some spectacularly boney contributions so I wanted to sneak in a reminder to give you time to plan. I thought that a theme beyond just "undead" might be a good way to give people focus so I've chosen "the quick and the dead". Something speedy, then, be that zombie dragons, skeletal chariots, ghost knights, carrion, whatever. There will be a prize this year - one of Justin Coutange's lovely oldhammery skeleton ogres - for the entry I choose as my favourite on purely subjective grounds. Details of how to enter your photos to follow.


  1. Replies
    1. It amuses me to sneak a traditional bit of the catechism into the gaming world. Oldcross meets oldhammer? ;)