25 March 2018

RaBBL season 1

Good afternoon, sports fans, and welcome to round two of the inaugural RaBBL league!

Last week saw a fantastic double-header with the Vantius Villains from the Northern wastes beating the pre-season favourites Moloch's Malefactors 3-1, although taking a pummeling in doing so. Meanwhile, the chaotic Beastly Bonecrunchers edged to a 2-1 win over the World's Edge Wyverns orc team.

And now we get the winners of those two matches competing to take an early lead in the championship. The weather is beautiful, the crowd of 18,000 are ugly as sin, the two teams (and their coaches!) are slavering psychopaths... perfect!

The kick-off goes high, high into the sun allowing the Norse thrower to get underneath - we're off!

An early sort-of cage developing from the Norse:

...followed by a lovely punch through the defensive line by the Villains to secure a route to the Bonecrushers' end zone. A couple of passes, a crowd surf, and a sensible reroll later, and Runecutter further draws clear of the high-scoring table with her fourth TD in two matches.

With the lines redressed, the ball kicks off again unleashing a flurry of ultraviolence followed by a quick TD as the chaos team's revenge.

In the final two turns both team apothecaries were called into action, the chaos medic proving less effective than his Norse counterpart.

As we wait for the second half to get underway, word from the touchline is that both teams will be restarting a player down...


The boys are back into Monster Rugby in a big way. They're both old enough to enjoy it now and develop their own tactics, particularly MiniRab #1, and they've been reading the rulebook (the Icepelt lrb6 version, of course) and choosing the teams they're considering purchasing and painting. BB strikes again as a gateway drug into gaming!


  1. Yes corrupt them when they are young. I shall be doing so very soon, also Star Trek Attack Wing is very youngster friendly i'm told.

    1. Absolutely! I've found X-Wing to be accessible too.

  2. Brilliant.

    Might be worth keeping an eye out for 'Blitz bowl' when it's released. It's essentially the modern equivalent of 'Kerrunch'.

    1. Hadn't heard of that one - will keep my eyes peeled. Thanks.

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