4 April 2012

Cracking the W.I.P. (2)

In the grim darkness of the far future, there are only super-gothic rehashes of sci-fi novels, medieval tropes and ancient myth...

Another glimpse into the WIP list that I'm daubing paint on. This lot would have been my Round 1 entry ('Old Lead', figures from before 1992) for this year's Lead Painters' League if I'd got myself organised (and my Mother in Law hadn't broken her ankle and needed lots of looking after... Anyone want a slightly damaged Mother in Law? Cheap? Free? I'll pay for removal?). This lot are going to be for Space Hulk using the new box set which I deliberately got sans miniatures because I prefer this older style.

Plenty still to do, but you get the idea: red, splash of yellow, shooty and/or stabby for dealing with H R Geiger's Aliens Genestealers. If I can make it look better than rubbish, I'm going to try and use some bery fine blue squiggles on the claws and the hammer to make it look like arcing electricity. I've based them on the nice Sulaco resin bases from Fenris Games and have several more undercoated and based similarly to have the full set required to play the missions in the game.

Priority for completion: low

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