8 April 2012

Cracking the W.I.P. (3)

Victorian Science Fiction, this time. More Copplestone goodies - I just love how easy they are to paint, even for me!

First up, the rank and file who are finished except for varnishing and a bit of foliage on their bases. The question is, do I go for green (so I can use them for action on Earth) or maybe red (for action on Mars or elsewhere across the Empire's off-Earth territories)?

Their officers aren't quite ready yet, but they look like a fine pair of gentlemen who'll maybe not even get the men in their charge killed in a gallant but ultimately doomed action against some steam-powered mechanism of the Prussians, or some fiendish native critters on Venus or Mars. Maybe...

Priority for completion: moderate - I'm so close I can taste it - but there is a higher priority coming up next time...


  1. They are great figures and even more so after your very nice brushwork!


  2. Cheers Christopher! They really are lovely to paint; after these and the halflings I've become a real Copplestone fanboy :)

  3. Love these; they look great! Dean

  4. Thanks Dean! I've got plenty more VSF coming up after the BB team are finished :)