6 June 2012

NAF Cup report - Part 1

First, welcome aboard to Paul of the Man Cave as the latest follower of this blog.

Now, the long-promised report of my team's (less than) glorious outing to the NAF cup a couple of weekends back. For those unfamiliar with bloodbowl tournaments, it's a six game affair; three on the Saturday, three on the Sunday. Teams are chosen to a set value, as might be expected, and then before each game (having seen one's opponents) one player on the team is given one of the standard range of Skills they are permitted. Then it's two hours of frantic dice cursing... ;)

The calm before the storm - Warhammer World as we start to set up.
My first opponent was a nice chap called Rez who had brought Wood Elves. I wasn't expecting an easy game, tbh, as they're so damn fast and Chaos Pact, well, aren't. I'd been hoping to mash them up a bit, though, with a paltry Av7 across most of the team. Nope. Suddenly either Av7 had become impenetrable, or my little monsters were just weaklings. I enjoyed the game, honestly, but it was a bit of a shoeing. The pics below show the build up and then the scoring of the first I conceded. One of the nice things about tourneys is that you catch up with previous opponents to see how they're getting on and congratulate/commiserate as appropriate, which is what happened between me and Rez.

Opponent number 1 - Rez with his wood elves, Wyld Stallyns II

That'll be my defence ripped apart like soggy paper, then!

Touchdown! Hurray! But for the other team! Boo!
Game 1 (vs Wood Elves)
Score: 0-3
Casualties: 1-0
Result: Defeat

My second game wasn't quite so enjoyable. It dragged more than a little and my sense of humour and that of my opponent didn't match up at all. I won, which was nice, but I didn't bother taking any photos. I also felt I was using my team better and not making some of the silly positional errors that I had in the first game.

Game2 (vs Goblins)
Score: 2-0
Casualties: 5-2 (mwahahaaha)
Result: Victory

More results soon.


  1. I thought there may have been more emphasis on your rotten dice. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I later ended up playing one of your friends. That meant 2 pact teams in one weekend. Much better than dwarves or darkelves.

    I also would have had a shave if I'd known I was about to be imortalised in blog form.

    1. Ha! I _did_ edit this before I posted to remove a whinge about the dice! Fair play to you, though, you used each opening the dice gave exactly as I would expect and my positioning was a bit rusty.

      Chris finished above me in our Pact head-to-head, so I hope you beat him. If not then I blame my disgrace entirely upon you ;)

    2. I would have liked too but both wardancers sent themselves off the pitch with failed dodges early in the first half scuppering my chances.

      I did finish the half by scoring in a single turn with lots of chain pushes from kickoff, so I cant moan too much about luck on the balance of things.

      I gracefully accept all blame for your head to head result, its only fair that if I beat you that I should have beaten Chris as well.

      Any thoughts for your team next year?