24 June 2012

No gaming, but...

... I did get to shoot a cannon at the medieval fayre at Tatton Park in Cheshire. Twice! It was so awesome, I can't tell you. Suffice to say I had a broad silly grin plastered across my face for the rest of the day. A chap who goes by the nickname "Chutny" snapped this fabulous photo just as the gout of flame shot from the mouth of the barrel:

Rab goes BOOOM!

SO, prepping my kit (I went as part of the living history display with the Company of St. Margaret and took part in the semi-scripted battle each day, which was also ace) wiped out the week before last, hobby wise, and this week has been spent drying out and cleaning kit before packing it away again.

I have got the river sections I mentioned last time sorted with a first layer of flock. I'll add some static grass, foamy bits that I use as small bushes, and maybe a clump or two of foliage to finish them off, but they're playable now.

In other news, I've taken up an instrument for the first time in my life. I was given a traditional Victorian tin-whistle (a Clarke's, in the key of D if you're interested) for my birthday and have been torturing anyone within hearing range with my stumbling attempts.

I hope you're geeking, and other hobbies, are giving you as much pleasure,

ps - welcome aboard to CLAM and Adam who have joined the band of you who kindly Follow this blog. Remember, (nice) comments are always welcome!

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