26 August 2012


The lands that comprise the kingdoms of Averaigne, Calthus, Ferrand and Lombria are not newly inhabited by men. True, the great woodlands once were tended by the elves and the mountains stood firm over the realms of the dwarves, but there were earlier empires of men. Not all were good. Many, indeed, were foully corrupt and brought nought but horror. The echoes of those perversions lies heavy on the wildernesses that encircle the bright points of law that the kingdoms aspire to being.


  1. How did you create that? It looks fantastic.

  2. Thanks Gareth. I should really have put some credits up. I used the free photoshop brushes I found on deviantart (links on this page: http://mlmjr.deviantart.com/art/Balfour-s-Map-270888945) along with a nice medieval font I picked up somewhere (T4C Beaulieux) on top of a parchment picture I also scavenged somewhere online. I have a sort of digital 'bitz box' for just such an occasion, mainly because I'm not terribly good at creating stuff from scratch, but can usually cobble something together from tools that others have made.

    PM your email address through LAF and I'll send you the lot.

  3. Ah: I wondered if you'd used Campaign Cartographer or some other fancy software. PM sent!