19 August 2012

Yet another kickstarter - pig faced orcs

I've been waiting for these pig-faced orcs from newish company Fractured Dimensions for ages as a potential SoBaH warband, doubling up as dungeon dwellers for my (stalled -sigh-) Quest rules, and tripling up as encounters in Swords and Wizardry. Have a mosey on over to the link and see if it takes your fancy.


I think I'd probably take off the topmost chain from the mace off the orc on the right to give him more of a classic morningstar but, otherwise, I rather like these and the other standard sets. The death cultists I'm not so sold on but you get to choose your packs so I may still dive in.

Apart from the Otherworld ones, are there any other decent pig-faced orcs out there at the moment that you know about?

Keeeeeeeep geeking!

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