23 February 2013

Painty fun time

With apologies to Carmen for borrowing his blog's name as the title for this post, I took the next step in indoctrinating my boys into the Way of the Geek this afternoon while Mrs Rab was at the cinema with one of her friends. I rootled out the box of prepped plastic LotR miniatures I'd put by for just such a moment, dragged out my toolbox of paints and gave him a basic rundown of what to do along with some cheap no.3-size synthetic brushes I'd bought yesterday.

#2 son lost concentration pretty quickly, but as for #1 son, well, to say he got into it would be an understatement...

Don't distract me Daddy, I'm just putting the "top lights" on the flesh.

And, while it wouldn't exactly win a Golden Demon, he sat and finished his first miniature in one sitting, proudly refusing any help. He didn't wreck the brush, and he did a three-step base-main-highlight on the purple, the wood and the flesh, as well as black-inking the armour. His first thought had been to use 'some different types of grey to make the armour look real', but as I can't NMM to save my life I gave him metallics. Anyway, about an hour later,here you go - a bowman to support his knight in their next quest:

Do forgive my excessive parental pride - normal, self-centred, shoddy service will be resumed shortly!

Thanks for reading,


  1. Congratulations #1 son - that effort is better than some adults. A painter in the making for sure.


  2. You're very kind, Furt, thank you :) For a first attempt, and with a size 3 brush, I did think he'd done pretty well.

  3. Wow - wish someone had taught me about base, main and highlights - not to mention ink washes when I were a lad.

    The boy done good!

  4. Very good! How old is your boy again? I sat down with my 4 year old a little ago he did a rather tidy set of space orcs but only the flesh. Not a patch on this bowman though.

  5. Thanks, chaps!

    @Thatsants - I can't mix colours to save my life (Foundry triads all the way) so it was pretty easy to do.

    @Erny - he was five at New Year, so he's got a whole extra year of fine motor control experience on your boy - ALL painting is good, if it means you get to share a hobby you enjoy with your children.

  6. WOW! He's done a really good job on that! Paternal pride is well justified.

    Now I'm going to have to find time to sit down with Euan and finish his knights! (Not feeling the pressure at all. Honest!!)

  7. Cheers, Chris :)

    It's not about the end product, though, at this stage, is it? It's all about spending time with them doing something you both enjoy.