20 February 2013

Sir Christopher

 Renowned far and wide for his courtesy, his good-natured companionship and his stoic determination to complete his quest even when all seems lost and defeat is imminent, Sir Christopher can be recognised by his arms of two lions passant, or, and three fleur de lys, or, on a field gules, with a bordure, or.

I'd had such a good time gaming with the boy (as related in my previous post) that I broke my painting dry-spell and knocked up this little fellow for him to be His Very Own and First Miniature. He was suitably chuffed, resulting in a warm glow of satisfaction for both of us. I found an image of the wooden sword and shield set he has online (shown below, although without the sword across it), scaled the shield down in photoshop and printed it off on normal paper to stick on the miniature. Worked pretty well, if I say so myself. I fairly enthusiastically gloss-varnished the whole miniature afterwards to provide protection from the slight stickiness and clumsiness inherent in younger children. The matt top layer (windsor and newton spray matt general purpose) has got rid of most, but not all, of the shininess. Anyway, the little blighter is chuffed with it, so any perfectionist gripes I have about it are completely irrelevant.
Every child should have a wooden sword and shield to hit their brother with, don't you think?

Poor quality phone photo of the finished knight (nice figure, from Black Tree Design)

2013 Lead hoarders vow update:
Unpainted miniatures acquired (net): 0
Miniatures painted: 1
Current score = +1

Happy geeking, and welcome aboard to Erny,


  1. My goodness - I've never seen a positive score on a Lead Horders painting tally before - let alone a score of 0 on the unpainted minis counter!

    Looking good by the way and the shield came up a treat. I think this might be a good idea for a certain little chap's birthday this summer...

  2. Ha! I knew someone would bite on the +1 score :) I had to put it up because I'm after a couple of ogres and know I'll soon be very negative. Again!

    Thanks for the kind words. It was actually my second attempt on the shield; first time round I had just finished and then managed (I still don't quite know how) to stick my finger to the shield (seriously, I don't know how - I didn't even have any glue OPEN) and tore half the design off. Still, it came out better second time, so I guess that's ok.

    I definitely think you should paint one up for your son's birthday :)