20 February 2014

Half term shenanigans

Two days in a row, now, I've carefully newspapered over the dining table, swathed both #1 and #2 sons in a wipe-clean apron (Gruffalo and Sailing ship designs) and settled down to an hour or so of painting miniatures!

It hasn't been without its challenges - perpetual requests to clean brushes or provide a new colour or to clean up a spillage (don't tell the wife!) - but the rewards have been great. Both boys are now actively seeking time to geek and are taking pride in their not-quite-Golden-Demon-quality paint jobs. Give them time, though, and they may even be mentioned in the same breath as Nico, Jaeckel, Spooktalker or "Paint Splats" Steve, for example*.

A little way to go yet, but #1 (6 years old) is getting neater and wants to try layering and patterned shields:

#2 son (nearly 4) likes drybrushing and chaotic colour schemes:

These are their photos - very proud little boys!

In amongst that I even got another beastman finished, as well as the rider for the Oldhammer Knight project, but that's for another post. I was very satisfied by our shared enjoyment and so glad I'd kept those plastic LotR figures for just such an occasion!

The last bit of father-sons geekery was an opportunistic purchase this morning (two whole pounds!) from the hospice charity stall in the market of this:

I'd never even heard of this before, but it has a modular map, item cards, monster cards and player/super-villain figures - apart from a slightly scuffed box, it is pristine. It seems to be trying to be something halfway between an early D&D boardgame and Heroquest.... but with much more of a "luck" element. Here is the designer's page, if you're interested. I'll give it a shot some time with the boys.

Got to go, it's bathtime - wish me luck!

*Other outstanding Oldhammer painters are available; these were the four most recent on my internet history list. No offence meant, chaps, if I left you out!


  1. Good luck with the bath! Once you've worked out how to wash under your armpits, you've got the whole thing down, really- - you'll be on top of it in no time ;)

    Well done on the mini-geeks - I can't wait to get there!


    1. Cheeky bugger!

      {sniffs own armpits surreptitiously}

  2. Alongside HeroQuest The Key to the Kingdom was a regular gaming fixture of the early nineties. Good fun if I recall correctly. Great PJs too!

    1. Good news on KttK, I'll have to see if we can get a game in before it is banished to the loft for not being used!

      Thanks, they're getting there with the colouring in, aren't they ;)

  3. Great paint on those minis! I really should get brave and put a brush in my four year old boys hands... thinking on it now, I see where the bath became a necessity...