11 February 2014

This is your captain speaking

Perhaps the main thing that makes blogging worthwhile (alongside the diary, motivation and narcissistic self-publishing elements, of course) is knowing that people look at the photos of my "little men", read what I write and enjoy both sufficiently to pass comment. That fifty-six (!) of you have chosen to follow this blog so as not to miss a single moment of my published hobby adventuring is deeply gratifying. Thank you, and welcome to those of you who recently joined.



  1. There's a narcissistic element to blogging? Clearly I am so wrapped up in myself I hadn't noticed. :-)
    Like the blog to and make that 57 followers.

    1. Welcome aboard, Fred - glad to have you with us :)

      Nice vikings, btw - and I love that bear miniature you've done, I keep nearly buying him. One day!