3 March 2014


Nope, not Giger face-hugger types or their imitators *cough*genestealers*cough*, but some new and shiny sculpts cast before us all as an Indiegogo project. These are from the talented putty-pushing fingers of Pierre-Francois Jacquet ("PF" online) who has been whipping up a delightfully motley band of non-humans in moderate carapace armour and blasters. It's almost as if he set out to produce a Rogue Trader pirate band...

It's almost enough to tip me over into sci-fi, along with the fun that is obviously being had by other Oldhammerers when they swap their shields and hand weapons for bolters and lasguns (Erny and Whiskey Priest, I'm looking at you!).


They're multi-part with two alternate heads per model for maximum flexibility

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