25 March 2014

Not waving but drowning

Too much marking, not enough time for geeking. Sadness....


  1. Bad luck old bean. Can we expect to see some gaming-related goodness over the holidays?

  2. I can relate to that!

    These days I feel the need to put my foot down. I don't take anything home and try not to work past 5.00pm - still find myself putting in 10 hour days though and dozing off of an evening instead of doing interesting hobby stuff!

  3. Support much appreciated, chaps!

    That's exactly what I'm finding, Thants; I finish not tooooo late, but am so wiped I've no energy left for fun stuff. Fortunately, I do have a day of gaming to look forward to on the first Monday of the hols, with our chaos warbands taking to the field again. Hopefully we'll be able to have two other oldhammerers join us to increase the carnage :)