15 September 2014

Project Alchemy

Right you lot, you may have seen this on the Oldhammer forum, axiom's Magpie and Old Lead blog, or on another online site where the love of old lead is strong. It does, however, bear repeating. This is a great opportunity to support UNICEF while giving yourself the chance to win some delightful pieces of original art, signed rulebooks, unreleased models etc. (although hands off the evil sun cuff-links - I wants them, my preciousss). Well done to Jon and his co-conspirators for getting this set up.

I reckon if you were to choose some suitable benchmark - a couple of pints of beer, packet of cigarettes, can of spray undercoat, postage for a small parcel across the Atlantic, lunch from a sandwich shop, whatever - and donate that, we'd get there in no time and help out disadvantaged kids while indulging our love of toys.

They take paypal too!


Now, go and donate but don't forget what I said about the cufflinks!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Rab! There should be something for everyone - old and new. And more prizes to come :)