1 September 2014


Not being up to painting, what with having to return to work with the beginning of term and all that, I decided to pootle about a bit with Adobe Illustrator. I always learn best when I'm trying to achieve a particular goal, rather than in the abstract, so I thought our little nascent gaming group of Oldhammerers in the Cambridgeshire/Bedfordshire/Buckinghamshire region could do with a logo or emblem. Here's my first stab:

The text font is Moria, made into an outline and, in the case of the "O", twisted about a bit to give a roughly circular centre for the Blanche-esque ogre face (seemed apt, given the group name) to be contained within.

And a "squiggle-free" version, because I think that might be jumping the shark....

Oh, and a third idea...

What do you think? What works and what needs tweaking?



  1. Very good but it needs more rats............... everything needs more rats................... =)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Colin. I think the squiggles around the "O" might be overkill and I'll edit the post to add in a version without them.

    2. I quite like the squiggles.

    3. Perhaps... anyway, I've added a third variant before heading to get some shut-eye. I think I like it best so far.

  3. I think you got it right on the third try, looks great!

  4. I like it, but it says Goblin to me rather than Ogre. However, I can't think of an image that would reflect an ogre (+ it's similar to the archetypal ogre chieftain's belt buckle)

    Perhaps some colour would tip the balance?

    Anyway, good work!

    1. The "face" belly plate on Hrothyogg was the image I kept flicking to when doing this, along with Orlygg's banner painting tutorial. Maybe I made him too cheerful? Perhaps angling the eyebrows in toward the nose would give it more of an ogre-ish look? I'll have a play.