5 March 2015

Stuff from the interwebz #6 - Ewal Dwergar

Some of you that read this blog will already be aware of the self-professed Pickford-o-holic, Clam. He's been working with sculptor John Pickford to commission a truly great set of oldhammer-esque chaos dwarfs (the Ewal Dwegar) over the last couple of years - here is a unit of them, beautifully painted (as ever) by Blue in VT:

What sculpts! What smooth brushwork! What fun!
There are crossbow-dwarfs as well:

... and handgunners on the way. So, if these have been an ongoing project for a while, why mention them now? Two reasons. First, I've been thinking about future additions to my nascent Tzeentch chaos band over the past week or so. And second, these popped up in my FB stream today - mutated dwergar sculpted by Sjoerd Trouwee as specially favoured evil stunties who have received great power at the cost of their appearance.... and their souls!

Tzeentchian dwarf sorcerer on disc, perhaps?

A hammerhead disc!

I think this one's my favourite.

Cut off the skull, extend the rod and make a banner bearer? Yeah, that's work nicely.

So, if you're interested in supporting sculptors and projects that are full of the character that many of us bemoan having long vanished from that big company's offerings, you could do a lot worse that give Clam's blog a visit and pick up some of these beauties. The mutants aren't due to be cast for a couple of months, but the rest are just waiting for a new painting table to call home!



  1. I've been considering some of these for a while now, sadly they're not at the front of the wants list................... For now at least!

    1. Oh, I've still got to paint up the minotaurs and convert and paint up the centaurs that are already part of my warband before getting round to any further additions... but they are nice, aren't they?

  2. Yeah, they look great, but the painting que & all that :(


    1. Since when has that ever stopped us before, eh?!