2 June 2015

Stuff from the interwebz #8 - Warmonger miniatures

Aaaaaaaand.... it's live!

For those of you who've perhaps missed this new venture, Warmonger miniatures is Kev Adams up to his old greenskin-sculpting tricks and back with Bryan Ansell. Putting those two names together just screams "oldhammer" to me. Anyway, the website is now up and you can buy the steadily growing hordes (and I do mean hordes - Kev seems to be making up for lost time) of the rabid and mischievous critters from the comfort of wherever you hide to do your online toy purchasing.

There are many more available, and still to come, than are painted and on the website, but you can ring and get a better idea of what's already in production before you bleed your paypal account dry. There are beastmen and mutated gobbos on their way as well, from what I gather.

Although the new sculpts don't all float my boat, the orclings are amazing, the heads and shields are works of (slightly disturbing) art, and the fellow below is a cracker!

Enough from me - go and check out the website for more pictures and more details.


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