20 June 2015

Stuff from the interwebz #9 - shields as art

This time of year is rather full for me at work (report writing, working out the impact of new exam syllabi etc.) and in the garden (I'm rather proud of the new shed that I've built), so most of my geeking has been in short bursts and of the writing (or miniature purchasing!) variety. I'm continuing work on Knights' Quest in light of the feedback I've received from the playtesting (really positive, but with two aspects that could be even better) and am dabbling with a linked set of scenarios for GM-led narrative oldhammer skirmishes.

To get me back to the painting desk I was browsing the Lead Adventure Forum and found some lovely brushwork by a chap going by the name "Hobgoblin" who has something of a knack for shield painting as you'll see below. One of the things that has always been an intrinsic part of the old school fantasy gaming aesthetic, regardless of the vintage of the figures themselves, is the intricate freehand detail lavished on shields and banners. This is something I'm particularly keen to work on in my own painting and have been resolutely plugging away at improving the face-shields on my orcs each time I paint another.

Here are six of Hobgoblin's pieces....

Unfortunately I couldn't find a blog, but I urge you to go and look through the whole thread which is full of lovely old-school figures and painting, as well as the same aesthetic employed to good effect on more modern plastics.

Happy browsing,


  1. Beautiful shields - the eye weeping blood is particularly atmospheric. Seem a bit wasted on what to my eye are some rather dodgy plastics.

    1. I agree! They're the old Battlemasters figures from the game of the same name but if you go to that thread I linked he's starting to hit his stride with some lovely old orcs and the like that are being resurrected and updated from his storage boxes.