28 August 2015

Gaming table - part 4

I'm delighted to announce that Stage One of the great hobby-room creation is complete! I have a table on which I can play, can store terrain and boxed games, can wheel off to one side when not in use, and have reorganised my painting desk and other storage. I've even played games on it!

Stage Two will be putting some better ceiling lighting in place (the photos below are all "assisted" by my phone's flash because it is a little gloomy in the cellar - it nearly blinded antipixi when he was checking the range on those red ruler thingys in our Inquisimunda game!), as well as constructing the terrain boards themselves and getting a couple of stools so the two mini-Rabs can reach the table top.

For now, here are some staged pictures for your delight and delectation...

I've painted the "inside" of the tabletop a very dark grey (the pot was left in the cellar by
the previous owners) to serve as a nice backdrop for Knights' Quest, Space Hulk,
industrial sci-fi RT, and any board game you care to mention.

Look - it wheels right over and takes up almost no room at all, dear...

This is the terrain I have so far - resin buildings and river, grass mat, a couple of scruffy trees and hills.
And through that border village comes the stuff of nightmares...

And bringing up the rear, the most horrifying of all...

The defenders' view...

The carrion crows' view...
Will the cannon save them?

Or will their wizard?

But what's this? Orcs and goblins and trolls, oh my!
Sneaking across the ford to outflank the valiant defenders...

Rushing to deal with the goblinoid threat.

As long as the princess escapes, honour will be preserved!
I hope you didn't mind the photo dump. With that sorted, I can play a few games with the boys, get back into painting at a miniature scale, and hopefully crack on with Knights' Quest.



  1. So when do you go into mass production?

    1. Hahaha! I think my wife would go berserk if I said I was going to build more - apparently I've been spending a fair bit of time on it over the last couple of weeks...

      I appreciate the compliment, though :)

  2. Very nice, and I can see it being useful for many games.

    I also envy you, as I have to give up my little corner of the house for my brother-in-law to move into... (hopefully temporary!)

    1. Thanks, lgp, so far it has already seen Inquisimunda and X-Wing, and it currently has a nice little dungeon for Knights' Quest set out and ready to go.

      Perhaps you could make lemonade out of lemons and draw your brother-in-law into gaming?

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