22 August 2015

Inquisimunda - Let's get lootin'

Antipixi came over to christen my gaming table this morning with my first game of Inquisimunda. I had a single game of Necromunda under my belt from a few months back over at Erny's with the rest of the OGREs, but still didn't really have a feel for the rules, especially their unique take on close combat. Apparently it is the same as that used in 2nd Ed. 40K, but I never played that. As a result, he helped me turn the crew I wanted to run into something game-legal over a coffee before we got started.

Quick, to The Table!

Rumours of valuable and eminently trade-able salvage had drawn two minor Rogue Traders to the ruins of an old outpost with an unusual synth-turf weed that had covered the ground. Unwilling to allow a rival to make off with the loot meant that the scene was set for some hostile takeover action...

The two crews arrayed for laser-assisted negotiation:

Yes, antipixi brought an ambull to a redshirt fight. Oh, and two ogryns. Yup, two...

It wasn't long before my inexperience of how terrain works with charges allowed ogryn #2 to haul himself up some girders to rain down his studded club on my poor, innocent fellow...

Slowly pushing him back to that central well-shaft, I thought he would fall...

...but two failed armour rolls left him a crumpled mess at the brute's feet without the need for a tumble.

At first we thought I'd got the score needed for my armour save, but then we
realised  there was a -2 for being hit by a S5 attack. Fiddlesticks!

I have to come clean here and admit that the rest of the game was very kind to me, dice-wise. Beginner's charm, I suppose. Most shots I took Pinned their target at least. My Downed figures got up again fairly swiftly. Antipixi's crew obviously hadn't come prepared for trouble as they kept running out of ammo, and his Wyrd was mostly ineffectual. Fortunately! My favourite moment was when my Navigator failed to apply his psychic skill (Zen Shootist) to pick off the ambull through cover, leaving him to need 7 (i.e. a 6, then a 4)... which he got, Downing the beast with an impossible shot. Maaaaaaaarvellous :)

It all was looking so good, with almost the whole opposition either Down or Out, and Break rolls being made each turn, but then... antipixi's Wyrd messed up another psychic roll and brought forth a daemon from the Warp which failed to do any harm before disappearing, his captain chopped a crewman of mine into goat kebab (most of my crew are abhuman beastmen), and the surprise of these two events made my otherwise stalwart crew betray their inexperience and flee. Game over!

All in all, a thoroughly fitting first game. Most enjoyable, and with a spot of enmity to be dealt with in future "negotiations" between the companies. Perfect!



  1. That's a beautiful looking set-up! Even with the Ogryns making a mess of everything.

    1. All the scenery was brought over by antipixi, but you're right - it was a hoot!