18 January 2016

Chaos warband [DR]

I've mentioned Dragon Rampant in my last couple of posts (I've also just ordered Lion Rampant for the extra options, scenarios, and for straight pseudo-historical gaming), and this one will continue that theme. It's also an Oldhammer post because the figures I'm using have that vibe and these warbands will be based in such a way that they can be used for Warhammer 2nd and 3rd editions.

Although my stated plan is to complete a 24pt warband of chaotic ne'er-do-wells, it would be nice to give myself some options, especially as I reckon I could manage 30pt games on my table without it being so crowded it wasn't worth it. I'll start with what I've already got, then move on to the additions I hope to paint this year for this small section of my own personal Geekstarter.

The swan knight
Elite riders, Level-headed, Leader, Single model unit
8 points

Olbin Pyzax
Light riders, Flying, Single model unit
6 points

Fallen knights
Elite foot
6 points

I need to add the banner to the tentacle chappy and would like to replace the fox-mage in purple with another heavily armoured warrior. I have some in progress.

The daemon Xhrsugheivty
Lesser warbeast, Flying
6 points

Raging beasts
Bellicose foot
4 points

You can see that the the right-hand four are still to be tackled, but they should add to the varied ranges and manufacturers that make up my Realm of Chaos beastmen.

Wicked centaurs
Heavy riders, Mounted missiles
5 points

These are a bit of a slower prospect. The one on the right is finished (and I'm happy with him), but the other is in need of some tickling with the hairy wand, and then the simple matter of four more to convert and paint...

More as it comes,


  1. Wow, that is a lovely little Warband you've got going there. The Daemon is just fantastic.

    1. Thanks, Jeg - the demon was fun to put together from a random selection of parts I got in a job lot :)

  2. Just saw this post. I have both LR and DR but have barely thumbed through the former and just piled the latter somewhere. That being said, what you are doing is what I had planned to do. As much as I plan anything these days. I also am looking to do more Knight's Quest but I went down a different rabbit hole and haven't come back out yet.

    1. I haven't done any Knights' Quest for ages, my adventuring itch is being scratched by the Swords & Wizardry / OD&D campaign I'm running. The boys have also got into the idea of skirmish gaming ("outdoor knight games"), so I think it'll be on the back burner for a while. A shame, as I'm convinced there's a good game in there.