25 January 2016

Lego Rampant - battle for the crown

Ba'al Harredzar (evil wizard, wicked uncle, kicker of cats, and all-round Bad Sort) was in need of a stronghold, an income stream, and a veneer of respectability... Oh look! A small out of the way kingdom! Perfect.....

It doesn't look too heavily defended. Time to get the Brotherhood of the Dragon together...

First moves from the King, leading the way. No concerns about rough handling of miniatures when they're lego!

The wizard follows his king's lead, but the troops decide to hang back.

Dragon! Dragon move!

Wizard too.

"You'll never take our land!"

Bird's eye view

Only the wizard wanted to move this time

The king felt he should draw the dragon's ire

So the evil wizard zapped his opposite number - a spot of numeracy practice as the 6s were counted
How many 6s? Enough to ultimately rout the blue chap back into the safety of the castle walls

"Why yes, my queen, I... erm... needed to fetch something. I'll just go and check in my tower..."

A pre-emptive charge by the elite foot against the heavy horse caught them off-guard...

...and routed them!

Meanwhile, the combat between king and dragon was increasingly bloody but neither would succumb

The archers finally enter the fray, drawing blood from the bellicose foot facing them

"Argh! Erk"

The evil wizard magically sharpens the teeth and talons of the dragon as he wheels back in for one last attack...


Alas, the king is slain!

The castle now looks awfully vulnerable

Evidently shaken by the death of their king, the next volley goes wide...

Allowing the bellicose foot to make their charge...

...which annihilates the archers in one round 

On the far side of the field, a brief gout of dragon flame immolates the last, hardy foot knight

All is lost for the decent folk of this kingdom...

Ba'al Sharredzar wears the crown now!

Soooooo much fun! I refereed and the two lads had at it hammer and tongs. There were ups and downs for both sides, but victory was sweet for the younger (more evil) one. I have a feeling we'll have a rematch in the not too distant future. A scenario, this time, perhaps to do with a siege engine in the siege that would certainly follow....

Happy gaming,


  1. My word - I had no idea there were lego dragons! I'm never allowed to linger to long in the Lego section, presumably because my wife knows there are dragons there.

    How old were the players, if I might ask?

    1. Your wallet's in luck - I think they've retired the dragon set. It was an absolute bugger tracking down the big castle because that's OOP, too!

      The boys are just turned 8, and 5 3/4. Perfectly within their grasp, but I've been gamer-training them for a while now...

  2. Brilliant, and it's lovely you do not have to wince every time the kids reach for a painted miniature.

    1. Yes, they certainly got more into it using their own figures. I reckon they're almost at the stage where I'll let them manoeuvre my rank'n'file around...

  3. Inspired stuff, and terrific use of Lego!

  4. This is awesome! I might have to do the same with my boys.

    1. Dooooo eeeeeeeet! You won't regret it.

  5. Fantastic stuff, something to contemplate in 5 or so years time with my boys (although I wonder if my daughters will be up for it? Mwhahahaha!!)

    1. Crack on! No reason why the girls wouldn't try it at least. Like I said, even Mrs Rab was interested. Briefly.

  6. Great battle - I love the soldiers on their green brick, easiest basing system ever! =)

    1. Thanks, Ace; it's not much simpler than my usual basing scheme!

  7. Rab..... This is absolutely; 100% the best thing I have ever seen on the Internet.....ever!!

    1. Aw, shucks... *blushes* Glad you liked it :)