1 December 2016

Table Titans comic and kickstarter

Readers of this blog will not have failed to notice that I've discovered a new/old gaming love - fantasy roleplaying in a D&D early edition style. The nostalgia element is not really a surprise as I like my WFB in 2nd or 3rd ed. flavours, and my miniatures to be about as old as I am.

Thanks to a problem with my addblocker plug-in I got a "recommended post" on FB the other day for Table Titans, a D&D webcomic that is having a kickstarter for a rather swanky dead-tree version (Must. Resist.). I've never been so glad to get an advert in my life. Seriously, go read it, it's free and it's great. It really feels like you're at the gaming table. I love it. Click on the picture below to visit them.


Or go and check out their kickstarter:


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