11 December 2016

Thug life

What do you get if you make an unholy mixture of evil magicks, Black Friday shoppers, the school dinner queue on the day they serve chips, and hardcore football hooliganism before representing it in miniature form? Why, chaos thugs of course!

Now, Whiskey Priest has written extensively (don't worry, there are pictures too) on this subject already, so I shan't duplicate his efforts even if I have reused the title, but instead show you the start of the dregs of my RoC warband. He's an early Citadel Fighter, but that gurning face called instead for blue skin and a tiger pelt cloak. Obviously.

I may add more greenery to his base, but then again, I might not. Chaos!

To accompany him on his rambling swathe of destruction, I've a damaged early Citadel Norse chap who gained a mutated axe-arm.

Next to him is a ratman with a new blade for his broken polearm. He will join my beastman pack, along with the fellow below as standard bearer.

This one started life as an Asgard barbarian with two swords that I got from Viking Forge before transatlantic shipping increased to include the soul of your firstborn. the blade in his left arm was removed for the ratman above, right hand was removed and turned 90 degrees, and the head was brutally hacked off to be replaced by a that from a demon of Tzeentch.

In a last minute flurry before 2017 - The Year Of Painting What I Have And Not Buying More Figures (Unless They Won't Be Available In Future), I picked up the whole set of twelve Asgard barbarians from Alternative Armies on their free postage weekend and they will form the rest of my Thug gang.

Now, back to those skeleton cavalry for Deadcember...


  1. Nice work... I'm looking forward to seeing how your warband develops!

    Ah yes, I've heard of "The Year Of Painting What I Have And Not Buying More Figures (Unless They Won't Be Available In Future". For me, I thought that was 2015. Nope, 2016. Nope, I was wrong about that too. 2017??

  2. Thanks, Matthew. I started to sort out the painted pieces, the part-painted pieces, and the bare lead to line them up on the board yesterday evening. I have more than enough lead to keep me going for a couple of years, AND I'd really like to get to the point where I can field a proper 2nd or 3rd Edition army. The conclusion was obvious!

    (Now, as for being able to stick to that plan......)