30 August 2017

Averaigne campaign - session 37

[The story so far]

Session 37 - in which they run away and then go back
The adventurers are hopelessly outclassed by the cultists an their bone golem, so they run away like cowards cunningly withdraw to look for help.

NOTE: in order to keep a complete record, but not put off posting these any longer, I'm just transcribing my DM notes. Short and sweet.
  • Middle of the fight
  • Dumnorix manages to lift Gwen and run (nat 20)
  • Jean struggles to drag Nausicaa, gets caught, gets nearly smooshed by the bone golem, which then goes beserk (while the others run away) and then does smoosh him
  • the rest sail away, Gwen unconscious, stump wrapped in Dumnorix's pashmina, leaving Nausicaa and Jean behind, probably dead
  • they encounter the lizards and persuade them that the temple lot are egg smashers/eaters
  • the albino asks where the rest of their "hatching" are and agrees to help them get Jean and Nausicaa back
  • Posse!
  • Fight!
  • Nausicaa's body in the corner, Dumnorix and Tybalt make for it. Dumnorix stands guard while Tybalt checks for life. Alive - just!
  • Gwen obv. off-balance without arm fails to do much, Montagne charges in alongside the lizards fighting the still out of control bone golem
  • Blanco gets blasted by the leader (evil cleric) of the cultists
  • Hands of night, spiritual hammer - the evil cleric proves powerful and starts spilling adventurer blood left, right, and centre
  • Montagne vs. bone golem in epic OP battle. Montagne wins.
  • Dumnorix smacks evil cleric
  • Gets cursed for his pains
  • Gwen get natural 20 to masked face and kills her foe!
  • Distracted by leader's death, the cultists are slain by the lizards
  • keening, the lizards make off with the bits of blanco and their other dead
  • the just (sooooo many save vs death) alive body (-3HP for a lvl3 fighter) of Jean is found on the slab with odd smelling candles all around 
More coming soon....

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