28 August 2017

Two types of Bloodbowl

Last Thursday I finally (seriously, we reckon it must be two years since we managed it last) got over to antipixi's house to roll some dice. A lot of nonsense and school (it was results day, after all) was chatted first, but then Malc and I got down to a game of standard tabletop BB. I played Chaos Pact while Malc took Slann; the teams ran out to a massive crowd (mostly frogs) as the rain started to pour down on the pitch. Picking up the ball would be an ongoing problem in the wet weather.

Setting up:

The frogs turn out to be absurdly mobile (all that Leap!), but rather squishy and unable to pick up the ball. Despite kicking to him, I had the ball by turn three and ground down the muddy pitch...

... allowing me to make a break, while ganging up and breaking frogs.

I was rather pleased that he had to kick to me after the restart.

And with a rather reduced team, mwahahahaha!

I didn't take any other pictures in the second half, but went for the same approach: get the ball, gang-up on a spread out frog team, slowly advance and score.

At the end, 2(2) - 0(0). Jolly good!

After a pause for pizza we got on to the second type of bloodbowl, the Team Manager card/token league game from Fantasy Flight Games.

I really enjoyed it! It allowed all three of us to play at the same time and, thanks to a particular improvement card, Malc was able to get his revenge and lep from third place to first in the final count-up. I'd play again.


  1. He lost because his bases were unfinished. Nuffle frowns on unpainted bases.A great report.

    1. Nuffle is a harsh and demanding master, it is true.

  2. Frogs were only partly painted as they will be going to the NAF champs this year. Due to a lack of game time most years and the high probability of turning up to the Champs having never played Slann I decided to at least have one game even though they were not fully painted. Nuffle made me regret this choice by ensuring I failed to pick the ball up on many occasions. It was a good afternoon and it has made me question the skills I will give them and whether to take the krox to the Champs. The card game was fun and coming from behind to get my revenge also made the day worthwhile. Only down side to the day was the number of caravans....I hope to never see another one again...