17 October 2009

The Harris boys

"See over there, yup - there on the table by the stairs? That there's Joshua and Daniel Harris. They and their Ma and Pa farm out East a little way. They're on the Patrol, but I still would be careful not to cross 'em! Polite and gentleman-like, a credit to their Ma, but talk down their family, or try and cheat them at cards and they'll knock you down. Do it again and they'll like as not shoot you where you stand! Good lads to have on your side when the lead starts a-flyin'. Patrol's lucky to have 'em"


  1. Most excellent! Do you have some one else in on the project with you, or will you be painting both sides?


  2. Why thank you, sir!

    I've got a couple of the fellas sniffing at the bait, but I'm definitely going to paint the outlaws as well. Partly for fun, partly I haven't decided whether I'm going to be the good or bad guys, and mostly because that way I'll get to play quicker.


  3. These are definitely my two favourite models that you have painted out of this bunch. Looking forward to seeing the outlaws.