29 October 2009


No, not a type of floor polish, but a Pledge! I've said it out loud twice now (to wife, and to oldest friend) so I guess that means I have to stick to it:

I, Stephen, sometimes known as Rab, will not buy any new miniatures that go on a roster for any games I play or want to play until my next birthday, being the 26th May 2010, except with any money given to me specifically for that purpose.

Now, I was originally going to be more strict than this, but I know my own (lack of) willpower. The above Pledge will still allow me to buy painting/modelling supplies. At a pinch, it will also allow me to purchase, e.g. bystanders for LotOW games. Not so strict, really, but it's a start.


  1. "And what are those ten Terminators over there on the side of the table?"

    "Oh, they're not in play; those guys are bystanders. It's a Pledge thing."

  2. Bad Chris! I just sprayed tea onto my laptop, and my wife is giving me long suffering looks again :D