26 October 2009

Out and about with the Civic Patrol

A quick burst of painting tonight after a day filled with guests and their lovely, but very active, children and... I've finished painting my starting lawmen posse for Legends of the Old West. The new additions (from left to right) are: Charles Vickers, Sheriff Nathaniel Crawcrook and Deputy Jeremiah Ainsworthy.

And without the sepia to hide my hurried brushstrokes on the last three members:

So, now I've got:

- Sheriff (repeating rifle, sixgun)
- Deputy (shotgun, sixgun)
- Vigilante (sixgun) x 3
- Vigilante (sixgun, shotgun) x 2

Now, I've chosen their armaments entirely on what the models are sculpted with, so I may make some adjustments with a few games experience!



  1. Very nice-looking posse. The blue pants actually look like denim. Do you have anyone to play with?

  2. I hate you. I have looked at the models and how cheap they are and now want some for Christmas.

    Now...advice please! I haven't seen the rules, so:

    1. How many models do I need for a lawman posse and an outlaw posse?

    2. I really fancy a lawman posse based around the Earps. Would historical accuracy (as far as it ever was accurate for the Wild West) be allowed in the Thorncreek history?

    3. If I go with outlaws, does (2) also apply?

  3. Jet - thanks for the denim comment; I played around for a while till I was happy with them. As you can see, I have Dan to play against :)

    Dan - gotcha! I'll give you a ring and we'll chat about details.