16 November 2012

Doorway to adventure

I made stuff!

Irritated by having to put open doors to one side of the playing board when they were opened, I made two sets of opening doors. A quick scan of the interweb shows I can't claim this approach is new, but I was quite pleased with myself for coming up with it. With easy access to a laser cutting printer thingamabob I knocked these up while the class I was expecting to be teaching were all in a mock exam.

 The one on the left is obviously what they look like closed, with the one on the right with it in 'fully open' and 'diving under the blast doors' modes! A bit of Billiam Babble's old skool art stuck on to them and they'd look just the ticket, I reckon :)

Happy geeking,


  1. Good use of work downtime! We usually just race forklifts 'round the warehouse...

  2. You win - that sounds a lot more fun!

  3. Lucky you - best I've got is a laminator!

    Mind you printing stuff out on card is sometimes quite useful - as have been the hot glue guns...

    Agreed though - Gareth wins!

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