10 November 2012

Goblinquest continues

No sooner do I think I've settled on a name, when eldest son comes up with his own name for our rapidly evolving game - "Knights and Dice". Well, whatever it ends up being called, the action was about to start again. When we left our heroes last time they had split into two groups, one having had a nasty scare fro a skeleton almost literally in a closet and the other facing down a gang of sneaky goblins. Lumbering in between them was a particularly disgruntled troll. What would happen next.....

First off, Sir E's crossbowman stuck a bolt straight into the lead goblin, wounding him slightly and making him easy meat for Sir E himself. A good job too because the troll was soon upon them, trapping the valiant band.

Sir E swung his trusty blade left and right, while his spearman rushed to the aid of the rather outmatched crossbow chappy. Meanwhile, supremely confident in the ability of Sir E to look after both himself and his retainers, Sir C and his merry band had opened another door to reveal another skeleton warrior.

They had learned from their previous encounter, however, and withdrew to allow the crossbowman to shoot his bolt; an incredible shot that shattered the skull of the foul revenant and returned him to the sleep of the grave.

Free to come to the aid of their fellows, they'd left it almost too late.

The troll had slain Sir E's crossbowman and the spearman was hard pressed, all the while Sir E's arm was aching from cutting down the horde of gobbos from whom he could not disengage.

Sir C's arbalist tried to even the odds by shooting bolt after bolt into the back of the creature but to no avail - Sir E's spearman was crushed before Sir C could smite the brute.

All that remained was for Sir E to finally eradicate the goblin menace and all was still.

Actually, Sir E's mourning his loyal fellows rather disrupted the board (clumsy child!), but the survivors withdrew, honour intact and the kingdom safer than before. Time for tea and cake....

[This was a really successful playtest of the almost-ready-for-sharing rules, confirming the missile rules nicely and the change in Combat dice reclamation that I've instituted. I'll post more thoughts on that early in the week, but suffice to say Playtesters Wanted Soon!]

Geek well,


  1. Yep - my Heroquest board has ended up in a similar fashion a few times!

    Hmmm, a skeleton felled by a crossbow bolt - I look forward to seeing your revised rules :)

    The more I look at those dungeon tiles, the more I wants some...

  2. Another great instalment of what is rapidly becoming an epic saga!

  3. Thanks, chaps. Glad you liked it; we did!

    @ Thatsants - the revised Undead rules give them a single combat dice. If they lose a combat the instead of automatically going down a dice and therefore being defeated, a dice is rolled. If it is an odd number, the Undead is defeated, otherwise they carry on unaffected. As to the tiles, the artist and I are just at the beginning of what I hope will be a very fruitful email exchange which I hope will allow us to avoid the disruption of the board in future... Do grab his downloads from RPGNow in the mean time!

  4. Playtesting volunteer here! It'd be interesting to see how Euan copes with the rules too.

  5. Hey Chris! I hoped you might be interested :)

    I'll email you the rules at some point in the next fortnight when I get the last couple of obvious kinks ironed out.

    1. Sounds like an excuse for you to bring the boys over to mine for an afternoon. (Double bubble! Get in some game time and brownie point with our wives for child care too!)