4 November 2012

Goblinquest character card, take 1

A bad back (something went when I was leaning into the hen hutch to retrieve the mortal remains of Henrietta this morning, poor hen) meant I had plenty of time just sitting still today, floating nicely on ibuprofen, diclofenac cream and a strategically placed hot water bottle. I could have done some prep for school which starts again tomorrow, but came up with this instead. It's a first attempt at a character card for Gobinquest, with all artwork shamelessly stolen from the interweb and put together in Photoshop by me.

What do you think? I'd rather have a less cartoony image of the knight, but an artist I am not :)


  1. I rather like that - cartoon image and all! Looks good with all the dice represented pictorially.

    One question - do the two crosses mean that he gets two rounds at D4 level before snuffing it?

    Sorry to hear about Henrietta and the back.

    Strangely I didn't end up doing much prep for school today either!

  2. Good point about the crosses. I'd meant them to show that they weren't available, that you ran out of dice after that d4, but it is confusing, isn't it? I think I'll just remove any 'circles' not available from the Mk II card.

    So far my back seems fixed enough to get up and go to work. Oh goody!

  3. Commiserations/congratulations ;)

  4. Very cool. Its has an elegant simplicity which I appreciate and you've managed to work in a fair few dice too!

  5. Thanks Gareth - the more funny shaped dice, the better!