22 March 2013

Goblin Aid

Some of you may already know that Kev "goblin master" Adams, sculptor of some of the most characterful greenskins ever to ravage a tabletop and all round nice chap (according to anyone who has met him or dealt with him directly; I haven't, sadly), was rather savagely attacked by burglars who broke into his home on the afternoon of the 20th. According to reports, he was stabbed and struck with a knuckleduster, and will require a plate in his cheek to mend it. Fortunately for him and his family he is now out of hospital, fortunately for us lead-fiends his eyes and hands were undamaged so he should be sculpting again fairly soon.

In order to show appreciation for, and sympathy towards, a man who has given so many gamers so much pleasure for so many years, There Is A Plan - Goblin Aid. Several top sculptors have agreed to sculpt a little goblin and the funds from the sale will go to Kev and family. More details can be found on this facebook page.

Geek well, geek safely,