27 March 2013

GoblinAid update

Our move from rented into our first owned house continues apace so I am busybusybusy keeping on top of all that, managing builders and decorators etc and working to the planned moving date of next Tuesday! Cue nervous, manic laughter....

So, with all my geeking stuff in boxes, and likely to remain in boxes for the next few weeks while we get ourselves sorted, I thought I'd give an update on Kev Adams and the GoblinAid project. The latest report on his health is that it is improving and he'll be having an operation in the next few days to rebuild his cheek bone. A mate of mine at work had the same thing a couple of years back after a studding incident at the bottom of a ruck in a rugby game and he's absolutely fine now, so I am hopeful Kev will fare the same.

While he's mending (which we all hope will be a speedy and complete process), here are some examples of his work from recent times. Greenskins all, as seems appropriate given his Goblinmaster nickname....

Aquatic-themed goblins from Four A Miniatures

Painted by Paul Sanderson

More traditional gobbos now available from Crooked Claw Miniatures

Unknown painter - sorry!
This range is expanding all the time, made up from the old Nemesis range of goblins, as well as more recent figures: archers, an onager and a chariot, with the promise of cavalry still to come. I hope the cavalry will be mounted on the wolves pulling that chariot!

Those nice people over at Renegade Miniatures are also going to be releasing some Kev Adams sculpted orcs as part of the GoblinAid fundraiser. I've been after these since I first saw them a while back

Now, when you've been sculpting as long as Kev has, you build up quite a catalogue. These are just a few of the more recent ones, but do you have a favourite not given above? Do share!

Happy geeking,

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